Tuesday, September 11, 2012

cRaZy LiZzY

Lizzy has been seeing Al now for five weeks. Things couldn’t be better between them! He calls her every night, they spend time together every weekend, when he doesn’t have his kids. He has been talking about letting her meet his kids soon; he has a boy and a girl. Although he has been divorced for four years, he is the ideal Dad. He talks lovingly about combing his little girl’s hair, about taking them to the zoo, about meeting with their teachers regularly. Al will make the best Dad for the children that they will have someday. She daydreams about that all the time at work, in her cubicle. How they will live in a sprawling house in the country, with chickens in the yard, and a yellow Lab.

When they are together she gives herself to him completely. She is his slave. Once he hurt her, he was so enthusiastic in his desire and wanting to try something new, but she dealt with it, without complaint. Their love is unconditional, and she knows he would do the same for her.

It’s Thursday, and she absentmindedly files her nails at work, looking forward to the weekend coming up. She went to Cherry during her lunch hour and bought a sexy negligee for the weekend. It is scarlet red lace, with a sheer bodice and matching thong. She will give herself a manicure and pedicure tonight to match. He doesn’t know yet, but she is planning to surprise him with a delicious gourmet dinner. Two weeks ago, she borrowed his spare key that was hanging in the kitchen, and when she went out for wine she made a copy of it. When he gets off tomorrow, she is going to be waiting in his dining room, with the candle lit dinner on the table. She will be dressed in her new outfit, hair freshly shampooed, ready to be dessert. She was lost in her daydream, and the sound of her phone ringing startled her. The bitch on the other end was demanding, and wanted answers Lizzy really wasn’t feeling like answering, but since it was only an hour until she got off work, she grudgingly did her job, and if there were an edge in her voice, oh well. Tough.

After work she stopped at the butcher shop for the perfect beef tenderloin. She couldn’t leave this date to chance, the grocery store wasn’t going to be good enough. She thought $30 was a little high, but it will be worth it. Something tells her that tomorrow is going to be special. He’s probably going to propose, who knows? After all, she has made herself to be everything he could ever want in a woman, and who is more beautiful than she is?

She knows she’s beautiful, and she is constantly reminded. She is reminded by the lust she sees in the eyes of every man she encounters (and some women too); by the jealous glares of her female co-workers. Nobody really talks to her, and she’s okay with it. It’s just more time she gets to spend with herself.

After the butcher it’s a trip to the florist, then the liquor store for red wine. Ah, red wine, red meat, red negligee. Red, the color of love.

After doing her nails and toes, she spent a restless night trying to sleep. She would be taking off work early tomorrow for the preparation, and had everything ready in the refrigerator to take with her to work tomorrow. Her dreams, when she did sleep, were of hot and feverish lovemaking.

Bounding out the door the next morning, Lizzy had a hard time containing her joy, even at work. She spoke to the herd of coffee-drinking cows gathered in the kitchen with coffee, and gave them a toothy smile when she put her goodies in the refrigerator. They returned the greeting tentatively, fake smiles plastered on their ugly faces. She was courteous, and helpful to the point of being overbearing with every customer call that she took. She wanted the world to feel as good as she was feeling this morning.

She took off promptly at noon, grabbed her things and hopped in her Toyota to get to Al’s place in plenty of time. In the parking lot she grabbed everything then literally ran up the two flights to his 3rd floor condo. She peeled potatoes, chilled wine, baked pie. She slipped into her negligee around four, and everything was coming along fine when she heard her cell phone ringing in her purse on the counter. Racing over to grab it, she breathlessly answered to Al’s rich, velveteen baritone saying her name. She was swooning and feeling moist, and had to sit down, and it took her a few minutes to realize that he was still saying her name. “Did you hear me Lizzy?” he asked. “I said I’m not going to be able to see you this weekend, because my brother is in town! He surprised me, and we are going skiing. Lizzy?”

“Okay,” she managed to gurgle. It was happening all over again. She clicked the “end” button on her phone, and sat there. She knew that her skin was as red as her negligee; she was filled with rage. He was breaking up with her. Usually, it only took four weeks, but she thought Al was different, because they had made it over the hump. And now, here she was like some damn fool, wearing lingerie that she couldn’t afford, cooking steak that broke her budget, all for some idiot that had her fooled for a while.

She was burning up inside, and she could feel her stomach rumbling as it prepared to expel the salad she had eaten for lunch. She walked stonily across the room, and in a daze, squatted and relieved herself, noisily, hotly and stinking, on the floor. Through the thong. She picked up hand full of the hot mess, running between her fingers, and used it to write insults on the wall. “Fuck you Asshole!” “I hate you!” She picked up the bottle of wine and smashed it into the wall, then used the broken bottle to gouge insults into the wall. She tore at her hair; was still tearing and shrieking so loudly that she didn’t hear the door open. She didn’t see Al and his brother, carrying a suitcase, standing in the doorway, silently watching the scene taking place in his living room.

She didn’t see the shock on their faces for a full three minutes.

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