Monday, September 10, 2012


Because we saunter through life asleep, we miss many of the things that are going on right under our noses. At least once a day, I remember to look closely. I  want to be the person who ALWAYS look closely, but I’m not. I walk right past the dairy case, looking at my reflection in the glass, then I’m surprised when I realize that I walked right past it without getting the milk. I express surprise when I realize that the dead marigold I’m picking up off the flowerbed floor is dead butterfly.

This feature is dedicated to looking deeper. I’m convinced that we are missing incredible things that go on around us every day, because we are so caught up in the daily grind that we don’t pay attention.

How many times have you seen a Raptor on top of a telephone pole or light post? Once I saw a Great Horned-Owl on top of a streetlight, and I had to pull over to look at it, because I thought my eyes were deceiving me. This fellow must have been at least three feet high! He sat up there and watched traffic go by, while I watched him. He was a giant silhouette in the night sky, and the streetlight was really high up. I’m not advocating looking in the sky while you are driving, but I’m sure that other motorists would have been enchanted as I was if only they were paying attention to their environment.  I was privileged to see him lift his HUGE wings and take off into the night.

One morning I saw a Red-Tailed Hawk sitting on top of a streetlight, and once again, I pulled over, because I love looking at these magnificent creatures. He turned his head and side-eyed me for a minute, then went back to whatever he was doing. What do I do? Of course, snap a picture, which I am sharing with you now.

Take a moment. Look deeper and find the extraordinary.

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